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La CARE TAG Iron-On Clothing Labels
  La CARE TAG is a bilingual iron-on garment care label, which is intended to solve a multitude of garment care problems. Currently there are nine (9) separate categories of washing/drying instruction labels in each package, totaling thirty-nine (39) labels. There are many benefits to using these easy to apply labels. For one, how many times have you removed the garment tags that are sewn in by the manufacture, because they are either uncomfortable, or stick out of your garment (i.e. “Your tag is showing!”). Once the garment tag is removed (which contains not only the washing instructions, but usually the fabric content too) you must rely on your memory for proper cleaning.

Garment tags are placed in a variety of locations, which makes finding them frustrating and time consuming. Once the tag is located, you then have to try to read and decipher the tiny print. By placing La CARE TAG labels in the same location on each garment type, sorting the laundry and determining precise care can be done with ease.

La CARE TAG labels feature washing instructions in both English and Spanish. Each La CARE TAG label is printed in a different color using a large font and also features a graphic icon which makes appropriate care easy to comprehend and identify.

Simply select the applicable pre-cut La CARE TAG label and place it on the garment in the desired location. Next, lay the enclosed pressing cloth over the tag and firmly press a hot iron over the pressing cloth for 30 seconds. Ole’! You now have permanent care instructions that will not fade, bleed or lift—regardless of how many times the garment is laundered or dry
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